TMT Finance respects your privacy.
Information is given below as to how we use your personal information. If you have any questions regarding your privacy through the use of this site, please send an email to info [at]

Personally Identifiable Information
TMT Finance does not pass on your information in the form of list swaps to any third parties. The reason we require your personally identifiable information is to perform certain functions such as product ordering and fulfilment or to respond to your enquiries.

How We Use Information
TMT Finance uses the personally identifiable information we collect online for the following reasons:

To let you know about additional product / service offerings from TMT Finance. If you do not want to receive information about future product / service offerings, please indicate this by using the appropriate checkbox on the form you are submitting.

We may send a follow-up email to make sure you are happy with the quality of the information you have received through white papers, reports and such like and to reiterate the services we can offer your company.

For Product order Fulfilment. The need may arise to pass on personal data with those vendors to the extent necessary for them to perform their work i.e. credit-related organisations to improve operations and to protect against fraud, security and credit risks.

To provide better services. For example, we will be adding white papers to the site in the future which you will need to register for. We can then gauge the type of information our customers are after and provide more of the same.

How We Collect Information
TMT Finance collects information from this site by the use of online forms so you can either send us an enquiry or for ordering certain products on the site, such as reports, studies and newsletters.

TMT Finance uses a third party service to monitor the amount of traffic to the site and to also track which pages visitors are viewing. This is so we can assess the relevancy of the content to those that visit our site with the aim of making the site a more valuable and worthwhile experience to our visitors in the future. Due to this service, a cookie may be stored on your machine to identify you as a unique visitor or one that is returning.

This service does not allow us to view any of your personal details in any way. Personal details are defined as name, email address or any data that may be stored on your machine. For further details on this service and to view statcounters privacy policy, please visit their website at