08.00 - 09.05

Networking Breakfast

09.05 - 09.15

Official Opening Day 2


Ben Nice, Editorial Director, TMT Finance

  • Chair

    Ben Nice
    Editorial Director
    TMT Finance

09.15 - 09.30

CEO Fireside Chat - Creating Long-Term Value in Digital Infrastructure Businesses


With Sanjiv Ahuja, Chairman, Tillman Global Holdings

Hosted by Pieter-Jan Bouten, Global Head of Telecom & Digital Infra, Greenhill

  • Chair

    Sanjiv Ahuja
    Tillman Global Holdings

  • Speaker

    Pieter-Jan Bouten
    Global Head of Telecom & Digital Infra

09.30 - 10.15

Enterprise Cloud and Internet Infrastructure Leadership Panel


Enterprise cloud and datacentre leaders, investors and financiers discuss how the role of hyperscalers are shifting market dynamics, where capital is available for investment, and which opportunities exist in areas such as edge computing.

  • Future growth: assessing opportunities across the services and infrastructure layers, including processing, hosting, bandwidth and edge computing
  • How are business model developing and where are the opportunities to invest?
  • What is the impact of hyperscalers, and how is increased segmentation impacting the market?
  • Who is buying, building, consolidating? How are valuations and financing options changing?


Chaired by  Olivier Wolf, EMEA TMT Leader, EY-Parthenon



Susan Bowen, CEO and President, Aptum

Rob Coupland, CEO, Pulsant

Charles Nasser, CEO, Claranet Group

Andrew Wheatley, MD, Arma Partners

  • Chair

    Olivier Wolf
    EMEA TMT Leader

  • Speaker

    Susan Bowen
    CEO and President

  • Speaker

    Rob Coupland

  • Speaker

    Charles Nasser
    Claranet Group

  • Speaker

    Andrew Wheatley
    Arma Partners

10.15 - 10.25

Visionary Keynote Speech - Providing a Conducive Environment to Support Growth in Digital Infrastructure Investment


Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London for Business

Visionary Keynote Speech 

  • Speaker

    Rajesh Agrawal

    Deputy Mayor of London for Business

10.25 - 11.05

Digital Infrastructure M&A Panel – Assessing the Next Wave of Deal Opportunities


Digital Infrastructure M&A leaders discuss the next wave of transactions in digital infrastructure and services. Panellists will assess the best strategies for leading and negotiating complex deals in a rapidly changing market

  • Who is leading digital infrastructure investment, how are TMT M&A deals changing, and what are the next big themes that will shape deal flow?
  • How are valuations developing across Europe and globally?
  • Investor profiles - how are the type of investors in digital infrastructure changing, and what new innovative financing structures are being deployed?
  • How is access to financing, changes in valuations and regulatory conditions shaping deal flow?

Chaired by Charles Murray, Partner, Analysys Mason



Oliver Bradley, Managing Director, Digital Infra Investing, Macquarie Capital

Gleb Kozyritskiy, Managing Director, EQT Partners

Steven Marshall, Chairman, Digital Infrastructure, Cordiant Capital

Alex Evans, Managing Director, Head TMT, EMEA, Barclays Investment Banking

  • Chair

    Charles Murray
    Analysys Mason

  • Speaker

    Oliver Bradley
    MD, Digital Infra Investing
    Macquarie Capital

  • Speaker

    Gleb Kozyritskiy
    EQT Partners

  • Speaker

    Steven Marshall
    Chairman, Digital Infrastructure
    Cordiant Capital

  • Speaker

    Alex Evans
    MD, Head TMT, EMEA
    Barclays Investment Banking

11.05 - 11.35

Networking Break

11.35 - 12.10

Cloud and Managed Services M&A Strategies Panel


Hear from the most active acquirers in the European Cloud and Collaboration Sectors during 2020 and 2021

  • What geographies  are fundamental to a European Growth Strategy
  • Is Eastern Europe or Southern Europe the next frontier for M&A Growth
  • Buy vs. Build in new markets. Differing Approaches Producing Different Results
  • What is creating valuation differentials between resellers and proprietary entities
  • Dealing with Private Equity backed vs Founder – Sellers; Is there are different approach
  • Exit strategies in 2022 and beyond
  • Valuations continue to rise—Why? And is it sustainable?

Co-chaired by Kristian MacCarter, Managing Director, Q Advisors, Marcus Allchurch, Managing Partner, Acuity 



Andrew Taylor, CEO, Gamma Communications

Daan De Weever, CEO and Founder, Destiny

Florian Buzin, CEO and Founder, Starface

Viktor Karlsson, CEO and Founder, Telavox

  • Chair

    Kristian MacCarter
    Q Advisors

  • Speaker

    Marcus Allchurch
    Managing Partner

  • Speaker

    Viktor Karlsson
    CEO and Founder

  • Speaker

    Andrew Taylor
    Gamma Communications

  • Speaker

    Florian Buzin
    CEO and Founder

12.10 - 12.25

Visionary Keynote Speech - Convergence vs Divergence for New Paths to Growth in the Telecoms and Digital Infrastructure Space


Phil Eayres, CSO, TalkTalk

  • Speaker

    Phil Eayres

12.25 - 13.00

The Future TowerCo Panel - Assessing the Next Wave of Investment Strategies


Wireless tower, broadcast tower and infrastructure leaders, adviser and investors assess strategies for the mobile infrastructure market, the next wave of opportunities and the upcoming changes posed by 5G and fibre.

  • Towerco developments in developed and emerging markets – Which business models are working, and where? Which M&A transactions have taken place and what is the pipeline like for 2022?  
  • The next phase of growth - where should towercos play in fibre, small cell, 5G and edge computing?
  • MNO Partnerships - working with MNOs on the next phase of outsourcing, Partnerships, acquisitions and network rollout
  • Optimising infrastructure management and managing assets
  • Financing - Which financing options are available for new growth opportunities and M&A?

Chaired by Rodrigo Teixeira, Managing Director, Global Head TMT Industry Group, Grupo Santander



Rhys Phillip, CEO, Cornerstone

Steve Howden, SVP & Deputy CFO, IHS Towers

  • Chair

    Rodrigo Teixeira
    Managing Director, Global Head TMT Industry Group
    Grupo Santander

  • Speaker

    Rhys Phillip

  • Speaker

    Steve Howden
    SVP & Deputy CFO
    IHS Towers

13.00 - 14.00

Networking Lunch

14.00 - 14.45

Breakout Sessions – C

Option 1

Fibre Rollout Strategies in Europe


The Fibre Network – How are new investments and consolidation changing shaping the future European fibre network?
Fibre investment is spreading like outstretched fingers across Europe, urban, rural and backhaul networks are all seeing strong growth and healthy investor demand. In this panel discussion network operators and investors will discuss the future of fibre networks across Europe.

  • A year of fibre M&A – where are we at, what deals have taken place, and what’s still left to happen?
  • How are valuations and business models changes, and attitudes to risk and the threat of overbuild?
  • What does the growth of other digital infrastructure mean for fibre investment?
  • Concessions across Europe: what is the flow of new opportunities for 2021/22? Are there refinancing opportunities?
  • How well placed are current players to capitalise on the backhaul demands of 5G, small cell and datacentre growth?

Chaired by Katie Nagy de Nagybaczon, Partner, CMS 



Ian Wade, CFO, Gigaclear
James Harraway, Managing Director, Infracapital
Moana Tumahai, Director Corporate Development, euNetworks

  • Chair

    Katie Nagy de Nagybaczon

  • Speaker

    Ian Wade

  • Speaker

    James Harraway

  • Speaker

    Moana Tumahai
    Director Corporate Development

Option 2

IoT M&A and Investment


IoT offers clear opportunities for the communications sector and a new wave of applications. In this discussion, leaders and investors from the communications and IoT sector will discuss the best ways to win value in this competitive space and look at how use cases are developing throughout the value chain.

  • Has IoT finally got to scale?  Will 5G change the perspective? 
  • How are the telecom operators and the hyperscalers impacting investments. Will they drive M&A?
  • What are the initial lessons learned from vertical or horizontal consolidators?
  • Who will be the winners in IoT?
  • Is the hardware which is often required in IoT applications moving to ‘as a service’?


Chaired by Thierry Levenq, Managing Director, Connecting Advisors



Nick Earle, Chairman & CEO, Eseye

Marc Overton, Former SVP EMEA and APAC & Chief Solutions Officer, Sierra Wireless

Andrew Wheatley, Managing Director, Arma Partners

Matthew Scherba, Investment Director, Tern

Paul Glynn, CEO, Davra Networks

  • Chair

    Thierry Levenq
    Founder & CEO
    Connecting Advisors

  • Speaker

    Nick Earle

  • Speaker

    Marc Overton
    Former SVP EMEA and APAC & Chief Solutions Officer
    Sierra Wireless

  • Speaker

    Andrew Wheatley
    Arma Partners

  • Speaker

    Matthew Scherba
    Investment Director

  • Speaker

    Paul Glynn
    Davra Networks

Option 3

Value Creation in Digital Infrastructure


Digital infrastructure assets are increasingly expensive, with multiple buyers vying for the same assets. M&A leaders from across digital infrastructure and advisory will discuss the best ways to create value before, during and after a deal closes.

  • What are the market openings that could trigger value creating potential?
  • What capabilities need cultivating internally to capitalize on value creation opportunities?
  • How can you quantify the potential and monitor deal performance?
  • Pushing integration and value realization up the priority list
  • How can M&A professionals better use technologies to manage transactions?


Chaired by Jonathan Dann, MD, Head of European Telecommunications & Digital Infra, Greenhill



David Gilbey, VP Corporate Development and Strategy for Europe, Zayo

Jennifer Smith, CFO, Wildstone

Chris Moon, Managing Director, DigitalBridge Credit

Edward Hughes, Vice President, Infrastructure Strategy and Corporate Development, Liberty Global

  • Chair

    Jonathan Dann
    MD, Head of European Telecommunications & Digital Infra

  • Speaker

    David Gilbey
    VP Corporate Development and Strategy for Europe

  • Speaker

    Jennifer Smith

  • Speaker

    Chris Moon
    Managing Director
    DigitalBridge Credit

  • Speaker

    Edward Hughes
    Vice President, Infrastructure Strategy and Corporate Development
    Liberty Global

Option 4

5G and Connectivity


Industry leaders assess the state of play on 5G rollout, analysis of cash-on-cash returns and outlook on funding, plus how partnerships and the wider 5G environment are developing.

  • 5G Impact – When and where will the biggest impacts take place ?
  • Spectrum – how are valuation benchmarks developing, and what different approaches to allocation and pricing are regulators taking?
  • Partnerships – the increase in 5G RAN-sharing and the pooling of passive infrastructure
  • Developing the road to full 5G commercialisation – core networks, small cells, edge computing, mobile switching, virtualisation, real-time analytics and machine learning
  • Funding and ROI – medium term planning for the next five to seven years

Chaired by Peter Curnow-Ford, Managing Partner, Viatec Associates



Vishal Dixit, Strategy and Wholesale Director, Vodafone UK

Giorgio Tedeschi, Group Director, Strategy & Planning, Etisalat

Mick Goulding, Commercial Director, Cellnex

  • Chair

    Peter Curnow-Ford
    Managing Partner
    Viatec Associates

  • Speaker

    Vishal Dixit
    Strategy and Wholesale Director
    Vodafone UK

  • Speaker

    Mick Goulding
    Commercial Director

  • Speaker

    Giorgio Tedeschi
    Group Director, Strategy & Planning

14.45 - 14.50

Move to Plenary Room

14.50 - 15.30

Fibre Leadership Panel - Who is leading investment in Europe?


Buoyed by the general push towards full fibre penetration in key markets, Europe’s fibre sector is hot, with soaring EBITDA multiples and a multitude of new investment plans and M&A underway. This panel brings together leading operators and investors in the sector to discuss the opportunities facing the industry.

  • Regional analysis – assessing Europe’s key fibre markets in terms of competition, ease of rollout and investment climate
  • The political environment – how are operators feeling in terms of subsidies, regulation and support from governments?
  • What opportunities are being created by the push towards full fibre in various countries?
  • Consolidation and M&A – are we going to see in-market rationalisation and cross-border consolidation? How is the profile of investors changing?
  • How to assess and manage capex costs and ROI, and hunt out the right opportunities
  • Assessing the overall investment climate – is there a danger of another bubble with overcapacity and under-penetration? What lessons can be learned from past mistakes?


Chaired by Maxime Perrin, MD, Global Head Telecom & Tech Industry Group, Natixis



Alex Goldblum, CEO, Eurofiber

Max Fowinkel, Managing Director, Warburg Pincus

Yannick Leboyer, COO Europe, Zayo

Matthew Hare, CEO, Zzoomm

  • Chair

    Maxime Perrin
    MD, Global Head Telecom & Tech Industry Group

  • Speaker

    Alex Goldblum

  • Speaker

    Max Fowinkel
    Warburg Pincus

  • Speaker

    Matthew Hare

  • Speaker

    Yannick Leboyer
    COO Europe

15:30 - 15:35

Closing Remarks

18.00 - 19.00

TMT M&A Awards Reception

19.00 - 22.00

TMT M&A Awards Gala Dinner