Sol Girouard
CEO, Data Innovation Labs

Speaker Profile

Sol is a Mathematical Economist and CAIA—Charter in Alternative Investments Analyst—Data Scientist and Quant.

Sol’s education and degrees are from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile (Commercial Engineering, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Finance, Management), Indiana University—Kelly School of Business (MBA specializing in Derivative Securities), and Harvard University (Computer Science concentration Data Science, and Financial Crisis). Sol graduated top of her class from Harvard University and she holds a Guest Lecturer and Head Teaching Fellow positions for Data Science courses CS109a and CS109b at Harvard’s Engineering School—SEAS, and she is Judge for the University of Chicago Financial Mathematics Master Program Graduating Competition.

Her financial career spans almost 3 decades with domain knowledge in alternative investments. Sol has traded, modeled, and developed trading strategies for all universe of securities and contracts—including derivatives. She has been one of the few quants worldwide who has successfully modeled a wide spectrum of agrarian commodities in the Hedge Fund space.

Sol is the CEO and founder of Data Innovation Labs, CTO and founding partner of the Blockchain APAC venture Laclary, and holds Data Science Advisory positions in international financial and 4IR firms. Sol was the Chief Economist and Head of Fundamental and Quantitative Research at Trevinci Capital Partners—liquid Ag Hedge Fund, and she was the Managing Partner and Head Quant for Oracle Management—proprietary global macro trading firm.

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