Margi Shaw

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Discipline. Balance. Calm. The foundations that Margi leverages as a certified yoga instructor enable her to succeed in the workplace as well. Margi’s yoga study focuses on building new pathways and allowing yourself to respond to situations in a different way. From the mat to the office, she uses these mantras to develop unique, customer-centric solutions.
As CEO, Margi is responsible for leading Nitel into its next phase of growth. With a creative approach, she will implement customer solutions while focusing on reliable customer-centric service models. Incredibly in-tune with customer needs, Margi is focused on aligning Nitel’s growth with customer demands.
Throughout her career, Margi has demonstrated the ability to lead high growth technology companies by balancing strategy and innovation with customer-centric operations. She brings over 30 years of technology and leadership experience to Nitel, most recently serving as the president and CEO of First Communications, LLC. Margi also served as COO at CIMCO Communications, leading aggressive growth and tremendous transformation for nearly a decade. Following the strategic acquisition of CIMCO by Comcast, Margi led the team through the complex process of integration.
Margi is also co-chair of advocacy for the Alliance of Channel Women.
No matter what comes Margi’s way, we appreciate that she brings creativity and balance to everything she does. Namaste.


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