Jim Murphy
CEO, Broadvoice

Speaker Profile

Jim Murphy is CEO and Co-founder of Broadvoice; a unified communications carrier focused on solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Jim has more than twenty-five experience in the telecommunications space, starting in the early 1990s co-founding a brick and mortar  pager company , then DSL Extreme, a residential broadband internet provider in 1999. 

After the success and sale of DSL Extreme, Jim and his partner founded Phone Power in 2005, a residential VoIP Telecommunications service offering telephone services throughout the United States and Canada.
In 2012, Jim led the acquisition of Broadvoice to expand its customer base and industry position. In 2014 he led the strategy to shift to cloud-based business communication. Under Jim's leadership, Broadvoice has grown from 80 employees to over 230 with offices in the United States and Canada, expanded to over 200,000 business subscribers, and increased revenue in the double-digits year over year. 

Jim holds a BA in Communications from California State University, Northridge, where he also serves on the Alumni Board.

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