7.45 - 8.35

Networking Breakfast

8.35 - 8.40

Official Opening by TMT Finance

8.40 - 8.45

TMT M&A Deal Talk: Which Deals are Next?


By Thomas Simpson, Americas Editor, TMT Finance 

  • Speaker

    Thomas Simpson
    Americas Editor
    TMT Finance

8.45 - 9.00

Opening Visionary Keynote Speech: Assessing the next wave of TMT M&A


With Kevin Smithen, Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, DigitalBridge 

  • Speaker

    Kevin Smithen
    Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer

9.00 - 9.40

Digital Infrastructure & Services Leaders Panel: Strategies for capturing the next phase of growth


Moderated by Richard S. Lukaj, Senior MD, Bank Street Group

Gerald Marshall, President & CEO, Netrality Data Centers
Katherine Motlagh, EVP and CFO, CyrusOne
Igor Leprince, Group CEO, BAI Communications 

As we enter a critical period of investment, dealmaking and buildout across the digital infrastructure sector, operators and investors must find new ways to compete and develop value – and so meet the demand for faster, more powerful connectivity. The leaders driving that wave of activity discuss where the market is heading.  


·       Who is leading investment in digital infrastructure and services, and how is the sector responding to shifting market dynamics?

·       How is M&A impacting the sector, which flagship deals are expected to get done, and where will the next battlegrounds be?

·       What are the growth prospects for each of the core pillars of infrastructure: towers, data centers, fiber and small cell? Are we seeing new core pillars emerge?

·       How are tailwinds such as cloud adoption, IoT, the edge, 5G and AI driving activity in an increasingly converged digital ecosystem? Who can take advantage?

  • Chair

    Richard S. Lukaj
    Senior Managing Director
    Bank Street Group

  • Speaker

    Gerald Marshall
    President & CEO
    Netrality Data Centers

  • Speaker

    Katherine Motlagh
    EVP and Chief Financial Officer

  • Speaker

    Igor Leprince
    Group CEO
    BAI Communications

9.40 - 9.55

Leadership Fireside Chat: Creating Long-Term Value in Digital Infrastructure Businesses


With Sanjiv Ahuja, Founder and Chairman, Tillman Global Holdings

  • Speaker

    Sanjiv Ahuja
    Founder and Chairman
    Tillman Global Holdings

9.55 - 10.35

M&A Leadership Panel: Where are the Deal Opportunities in Digital Infrastructure and Beyond?


Moderated by Kemal Hawa, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

William Smales, Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Morrison & Co
Dylan Foo, Senior Partner, Co-Lead Infrastructure, Apollo Management
Josh Pang, Managing Director, Digital Infrastructure Head, Carlyle Global Infrastructure, The Carlyle Group

The pace of M&A activity in digital infrastructure and TMT has accelerated even beyond expectation. Several landmark deals were struck in 2022 and plenty more are tipped to be coming. Key dealmakers discuss the M&A drivers, transaction complexities and future battlegrounds for assets.


·       How are M&A deals changing, and who will be the key actors and hottest subsectors? What will the next wave of deals look like in the US and globally?

·       Valuations: will multiples continue to increase and how do buyers stay competitive? Are EBITDA multipliers still the most important metric?

·       How are investor profiles and access to financing changing, and what impact is that having on investment cycles, deal structures and M&A pipelines?

·       How will emerging technologies and convergence affect M&A and opportunities for consolidation, synergies and partnerships? And how are developing trends impacting the role of the financial adviser?

  • Chair

    Kemal Hawa
    Greenberg Traurig

  • Speaker

    Dylan Foo
    Senior Partner, Co-Lead Infrastructure
    Apollo Global Management

  • Speaker

    Josh Pang
    Managing Director, Head of Digital Infrastructure for Carlyle Global Infrastructure
    The Carlyle Group

  • Speaker

    William Smales
    Partner and Chief Investment Officer
    Morrison & Co

10.35 - 11.15

Networking and Coffee Break

11.15 - 11.30

CEO Fireside Chat: Building a PE-backed Multi-Billion Dollar Data Center Platform


By Rangu Salgame, Chairman and CEO, Princeton Digital Group 

11.30 - 12.05

Fiber and Broadband Panel – Growth Strategies for Broadband Infrastructure


Moderated by Rodrigo Teixeira, Managing Director, Global Head TMT Industry Group, Santander.


Garrett Baker, Global Co-Head - Telecom, Media & Entertainment Group, Lazard
Brett Lindsey, President & CEO, Everstream
Victoria Lamberth, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, ZenFi Networks
Chad Crank, Managing Director, Grain Management

The Fiber sector has come into sharp focus as investment, valuations and dealmaking have ratcheted up to formidable heights globally, driven by a transformational demand for bandwidth and the plentiful amount of capital available. Sector leaders assess how the market has developed and where the smart money will go next.

· How is the M&A and valuation landscape developing and who is leading the charge? What roll-up strategies are proving successful?
· What are the most effective sources of financing and structuring deals, and how are initiatives like the bipartisan bill for digital infrastructure impacting the market?
· Greenfield vs brownfield – what strategies are being employed to roll out new networks and upgrade existing? Are there alternatives to traditional fiber?
· What are the operator success stories and best practices in the sector, and how can others learn from past challenges? Are there synergistic opportunities for fiber cos?

  • Chair

    Rodrigo Teixeira
    Managing Director, Global Head TMT Industry Group

  • Speaker

    Garrett Baker
    Global Co-Head - Telecom, Media & Entertainment Group

  • Speaker

    Brett Lindsey
    President & CEO

  • Speaker

    Victoria Lamberth
    Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
    ZenFi Networks

  • Speaker

    Chad Crank
    Managing Director
    Grain Management

12.05 - 12.20

Visionary Keynote Speech: International and Cross-Border M&A Opportunities in Data Centers and Digital Infrastructure

12.20 - 13.00

The Future TowerCo Panel: Creating Synergies and Future-Proof Business Models


Sachit Ahuja, Managing Director, Tillman Global Holdings
Ed Farscht, CEO, Diamond Communications
Robert Paige, SVP of M&A, Vertical Bridge

Leaders from major TowerCos and the most active investment firms and advisers discuss how the market is developing in the US, Latin America and globally, where operators are finding growth synergies across the ecosystem, and how they can tap into the next wave of connectivity.

•          Who is leading investment and where are the opportunities for growth?

•          How is M&A impacting the market and which sub-sectors are most active?

•          Which new tower business models offer the most revenue and profit potential?

•          How is convergence affecting investment in towers?

  • Speaker

    Ed Farscht
    Diamond Communications

  • Speaker

    Robert Paige
    EVP Corporate Development and M&A
    Vertical Bridge

13.00 - 14.00

Networking Lunch

14.00 - 14.50

Breakout Sessions - A


Each breakout session takes place in a private room led by an industry expert. Chatham House Rules Apply. Choose from 5 options.

Option 1

Financing Digital Infrastructure – Financing the next wave of deals


Moderated by Laura Fazio, Managing Director Technology & Telecom Banking, Huntington Bank

Chris Moon, Managing Director, DigitalBridge 
Emily Goergen Azer, Principal, GI Partners
Ted Mocarski, Senior Partner, Novacap

Finance heads, investment bankers and investors assess evolving trends in global debt and equity markets.

• Acquisition, LBO and capex financing: how are pricing and conditions changing?
• Scaling up: how can high growth and mid-cap companies increase access to capital?
• How have digital infrastructure trends and global changes caused financing strategies to evolve over the past 12 months?
• Greenfield investments: where are the opportunities to put financing to work?
• Equity Capital Markets – what’s the 2023 outlook?

  • Chair

    Laura Fazio
    Managing Director Technology & Telecom Banking
    Huntington Bank

  • Speaker

    Emily Goergen Azer
    GI Partners

  • Speaker

    Chris Moon
    Managing Director

  • Speaker

    Ted Mocarski
    Senior Partner

Option 2

Enterprise Cloud – Finding New Paths to Growth


Moderated by Stephanie Harris, Americas Reporter, TMT Finance


Scott Willis, CEO, DartPoints

Shawn McGorry, CEO, Expedient

Keith Angell, CEO, Pythian

Cloud communications continue to change how enterprises collaborate internally and interact with their customers. As businesses and customers alike demand seamless, converged communications platforms, how are operators reacting to the change? How is the investment community financing the necessary growth?• Assessing the market: emerging developments in cloud comms M&A and financing.

• Is there enough capacity to support demand and what does the next three to five years look like?
• Growth and investment – Build your own network vs looking for support from providers.
• How is the relationship between cloud cos and investors changing?
• What are the prospects for consolidation in the market?
• How have the valuations benchmarks shifted over the past 24 months? And what stage is next?

  • Chair

    Stephanie Harris
    Americas Reporter
    TMT Finance

  • Speaker

    Scott Willis

  • Speaker

    Shawn McGorry

  • Speaker

    Keith Angell

Option 3

Rural Broadband and Fiber Investment – Where are the opportunities?


Moderated by Jack S. Burton, Principal, Broadband Success Partners


Michael Morey, President & CEO, Bluebird Network
Brad Moline, CEO, ALLO Communications

Jack Bittan, Executive Chair, LS Networks

Bill Baker, CEO, Nextlink Internet

Steve McGhie, Founder and CEO, Utah Broadband


With access to high-speed internet connectivity increasingly essential, industry leaders examine innovative business strategies and the recent influx of capital in the space as operators and investors strive to meet the needs of rural customers that previously were unable to connect.

• Reaching the remote pockets: where are the greatest opportunities for rural broadband investment in the US?
• Which players are spearheading the changing face of rural US broadband?  
• Where are current investment cycles at for rural fiber companies?
• RDOF: who is best placed to connect rural America? 
• Where should potential investors look: buying or building?
• With such an abundance of fiber companies currently being bought and sold, how do potential investors locate the highest quality management teams?

  • Chair

    Jack S. Burton
    Broadband Success Partners

  • Speaker

    Michael Morey
    President & CEO
    Bluebird Network

  • Speaker

    Brad Moline
    ALLO Communications

  • Speaker

    Jack Bittan
    Executive Chair
    LS Networks

  • Speaker

    Bill Baker
    Nextlink Internet

  • Speaker

    Steven McGhie
    Founder and CEO
    Utah Broadband

Option 4

Wireless Infrastructure Leaders – Building future TowerCos


Moderated by Santander


Todd Smith, CFO, Tillman Infrastructure
Jimmy Eisenstein, Chairman and CEO, Grupo TorreSur
Ryan Lepene, Co-President, Peppertree Capital Management
Matt Newton, CEO, Everest Infrastructure Partners
Daniel Agresta, President & CEO, APC Towers

Operator CEOs and key investment firms assess strategies for the US wireless infrastructure market, focusing on the next wave of opportunities and industry changes posed by 5G, fiber, and datacentre in relation to the towers market.

• Investing in the next phase of growth: The value of moving into higher growth markets of fiber, small cell, 5G, datacenters and edge computing?
• Growth opportunities presented by new entrants and other emerging MNOs.
• Partnerships between public and private operators – working with MNOs on the next phase of outsourcing, partnerships, acquisitions, and network rollout.
• Financing for build vs buy – Which financing options are available for new growth opportunities and M&A?
• Critical Importance of macro towers in network evolution.
• As tower companies increasingly weigh into the datacenter industry, how much opportunity is there for growth in the vertical? 

  • Speaker

    Todd Smith
    Tillman Infrastructure

  • Speaker

    Jimmy Eisenstein
    Chairman and CEO
    Grupo TorreSur

  • Speaker

    Ryan Lepene
    Peppertree Capital Management

  • Speaker

    Matt Newton
    Everest Infrastructure Partners

  • Speaker

    Daniel Agresta
    President & CEO
    APC Towers

Option 5

Investing in Latin American Digital Infrastructure


Moderated by Tom Allegaert, Founder & Partner, Fide Partners


Chase Killeen, SVP - Finance, Corporate Development & Strategy, Transtelco

Ricardo Zubieta, CFO, QMC Telecom
Jeff Ferry, Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Gabriel Navarro, CEO, Even Group

As valuation expectations and competition for digital infrastructure assets in mature markets intensifies, investors seek geographical avenues with high-growth prospects to deploy capital. Key operators, investors and advisers discuss the market outlook for Latin America.

• Where will the next wave of dealmaking and investment opportunities be in Latin American digital infra?
• How are new entrants differentiating in an increasingly competitive region? 
• Which subsectors and specific markets offer most opportunity and ROI?
• What are the challenges and regulatory headwinds of transacting in the region and how are buyers and sellers navigating them?

  • Chair

    Tom Allegaert
    Founder & Partner
    Fide Partners

  • Speaker

    Chase Killeen

  • Speaker

    Ricardo Zubieta
    QMC Telecom

  • Speaker

    Jeff Ferry
    Goldman Sachs Asset Management

  • Speaker

    Gabriel Navarro
    Even Group

14.50 - 14.55


14.55 - 15.45

Breakout Sessions - B


Each breakout session takes place in a private room led by an industry expert. Chatham House Rules Apply. Choose from 5 options.

Option 1

TMT M&A Strategies – Identifying deal opportunities


Moderated by David Strauss, Principal, Broadband Success Partners


Jason Tofsky, MD, Head of Telecom Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs
Michael Obhof, Managing Director, Ardian Infrastructure US
Taylor Dixon, Vice President, Datasite

Advisers, investors, and executives discuss the latest wave of M&A strategies and investment opportunities in the digital infrastructure and services space.

• How have the roles of buyers and sellers and advisers adapted over the past 24 months?
• Evolutions in deal origination, relationship establishment, and business hold periods
• How are strategies and investment in the digital infrastructure and services space set to change post-pandemic?
• What is the impact of current valuations and multiples on investment strategies?
• Which markets and countries still offer deal opportunities? 

  • Chair

    David O. Strauss
    Broadband Success Partners

  • Speaker

    Jason Tofsky
    MD, Head of Telecom Investment Banking
    Goldman Sachs

  • Speaker

    Michael Obhof
    Managing Director
    Ardian Infrastructure

  • Speaker

    Taylor Dixon
    Vice President

Option 2

Data Center Investment Leaders – Finding new paths to growth


Moderated by Miles Loo Jr, EVP & Global V&A Practice Lead, Newmark


Bob DeSantis, CEO, 365 Data Centers
Amber Caramella, CRO, Netrality Data Centers
Todd Coleman, CEO, eStruxture Data Centers

Avner Papouchado, Founder & CEO, Serverfarm

How has greenfield financing developed over the past 18 months+ to meet the data and investment demand?

• How are soaring valuations impacting the dealmaking process?
• What impact are green initiatives having on datacentre investments and financings?
• What does the decreasing amount of public data center peers mean for the industry? 
• What impact is edge computing having on data center investments?
• How have those looking/making investments in the data center space altered the face of the vertical? 
• With current valuations, where and how can investors and operators deploy capital effectively? 

  • Chair

    Miles Loo Jr.
    EVP & Global V&A Practice Lead

  • Speaker

    Bob DeSantis
    365 Data Centers

  • Speaker

    Amber Caramella
    Netrality Data Centers

  • Speaker

    Todd Coleman
    eStruxture Data Centers

  • Speaker

    Avner Papouchado
    Founder & CEO

Option 3

Densification and Small Cell – The new battlegrounds


Moderated by Thomas Simpson, Americas Editor, TMT Finance



Sherafgan Mehboob, CFO TDC, Tillman Global Holdings

Jason Caliento, Chief Commerical Officer, Mobilitie

With attention increasingly turning on the inbuilding vertical, operators and investors discuss how to capitalise off the incoming wave of growth.  

• How is investment appetite for small cells changing? Where are the opportunities?
• Are current financing models for densification sufficient for a national 5G program?
• How would the financing of small cells differ from traditional investment in macro cells? 
• What plans are there to improve cooperation with municipalities and real estate owners?

  • Chair

    Thomas Simpson
    Americas Editor
    TMT Finance

  • Speaker

    Sherafgan Mehboob
    Tillman Digital Cities

  • Speaker

    Jason Caliento
    Chief Commercial Officer

Option 4

UCaaS and Managed Networking – Assessing deal opportunities


Moderated by Bank Street Group 


Margi Shaw, CEO, NITEL 

Brian Crotty, CEO, Fusion Connect

Leaders from UCaaS and Managed Networking companies explore how to build and scale market leading platforms, as investment interest in the sector continues to soar.

• How much growth potential is there to UCaaS and Managed Networking businesses and who is best place to capture it?
• How are traditional US-focused players transforming their businesses to cater to new geographies?
• Where are the M&A opportunities and how will the consolidation of the broader infra and services sector affect strategy?
• How will UCaaS companies change the face of traditional telecom operators?

  • Speaker

    Margi Shaw

  • Speaker

    Brian Crotty
    Fusion Connect

Option 5

FTTX Leaders – Creating scalable platforms


Dan Kennedy, President and CEO, symetry fiber
Hal Brumfield, CEO, Tachus
Mark Murphy, CEO, Greenlight Networks

Ted Schremp, CEO, IQ Fiber

Phillip Clark, CEO, PAXIO

Insights and perspectives on the generational market opportunity for service providers to capitalize on demand for Fiber-to-the-X, including:

• Assessing growth strategies for FTTx: M&A, roll-ups, and new build.
• Where are the best opportunities in FTTP and FTTH in 2022.
• How to leverage the overbuild growth opportunity.
• What are the best financing options and how is investment criteria changing?
• Who is leading the land grab for the next 50 million FTTH passings in the United States?
• Best practices and success factors learned from the leading independent FTTx operators
• Unit economics and valuation dynamics behind high-growth FTTx platform companies

  • Speaker

    Dan Kennedy
    President and CEO
    symetry fiber

  • Speaker

    Hal Brumfield

  • Speaker

    Mark Murphy
    Greenlight Networks

  • Speaker

    Ted Schremp
    IQ Fiber

  • Speaker

    Phillip Clark

15.45 - 16.15

Networking and Coffee Break

16.15 - 16.30

CEO Fireside Chat: Finding growth in the services layer – driving value in Cloud and IT services

16.30 -16.45

Visionary Keynote Speech – Digital Infrastructure M&A Outlook


By James H. Henry Senior Managing Director, Bank Street Group

  • Speaker

    James Henry
    Senior Managing Director
    Bank Street Group

16.45 - 17.20

Data Center Leaders Panel: Creating Long-Term Investment Strategies


Moderated by Gordon Bell, Partner and Principal, EY-Parthenon

Sharif Metwalli, CFO, Vantage Data Centers
Bruce Lehrman, Founder and Vice Chairman, Involta

Matt VanderZanden, COO, Stack Infrastructure

Dealmaking activity and soaring valuations in the data centers space have continued apace as the sector evolves and new opportunities emerge for consolidation and investment. In this session, data center leaders and financiers discuss where we’re at in the current investment cycle and how the deal environment is evolving.


•               What’s next in terms of valuations, financing structures, consolidation and other deal making activity in the data centers and edge space?

•               ESG: how is the industry responding to increased demands on transparency and green credentials and how will that shape business models?

•               Hyperscale vs retail and edge data centers: Market dynamics, competition and where are the opportunities for partnerships?

•               What are the next big greenfield and brownfield opportunities and how will they be financed? Where are the opportunities in the US and internationally?

•               Data and applications: where is the user market growth going to come from and how will that drive demand?

  • Chair

    Gordon Bell
    Partner, Digital Infrastructure Practice

  • Speaker

    Sharif Metwalli
    Vantage Data Centers

  • Speaker

    Bruce Lehrman
    Founder and Vice Chairman

  • Speaker

    Matt VanderZanden
    STACK Infrastructure

17.20 - 19.00

Networking Drinks