What is driving investment in European FTTP?

European Fibre-to-the-Home/Premises (FTTH/P) is at a critical time for growth and investment, with the sector expected to continue to attract significant capital over the coming years.

To discuss growth opportunities, and analyse what is driving investment decisions, global law firm DLA Piper will host a leadership panel with key senior executives from Macquarie Capital, Deutsche Glasfaser, Societe Generale and GlobalConnect/IP-Only on TMT Connect – the digital platform for TMT M&A and investment leaders, run by TMT Finance.

In the session, the panel will draw upon a substantive audience survey conducted by TMT Finance on behalf of DLA Piper to analyse the key drivers of financing and investment in the FTTH sector.

In anticipation of the panel session, scheduled for November 26, 2020, 2pm GMT/3pm CET, TMT Finance spoke to DLA Piper Partner Mike Conradi, who will be moderating the panel.

Why is a session on fibre crucial now?

We have seen a significant increase in interest in FTTP investment just within the past 18 months. This activity predates the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has continued throughout the year, so now seems like the perfect time to try to analyse what exactly is going on and why this is happening.

This session corresponds with DLA Piper’s recent survey on the fibre sector, were there any interesting findings which took you by surprise?

Our survey identified that Germany, the UK and Poland are seen as the major locations of future investment, but that Spain, Portugal and France are not. The declining interest in the latter countries is because fibre networks have already been built in those places. It was also interesting to see investors see opportunities are not only limited to providing connectivity to the home, but also business premises.

Are you optimistic about the sector’s outlook?

Yes, we remain optimistic about the sector. Our survey showed consensus that we still have quite a few years left to go in this investment cycle and that is even before we have details of the significant new public subsidies that are coming. For example, the UK has announced £5bn in subsidies though we still do not have details on how they’ll be allocated. So there is still a lot to look forward to.

What are some of the main takeaways that you hope attendees will take home from the TMT Connect live panel discussion?

I hope attendees will learn what considerations are important when exploring an FTTP investment. We also hope that attendees understand that there are plenty of exciting opportunities still available, and (of course) the importance of quality legal advisors!

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