Is investment in towercos now more of a strategic play?

July 2020

In this TMT Connect session, fibre and broadband operators and investors from Q Advisors, AMP Capital, Grupo TorreSur and Tillman Global Holdings highlight the latest M&A strategies and discuss where the investment opportunities are for those roadmapping, building, and enabling the next regional and national broadband networks. Discussion topics include:

  • Expansion and M&A strategies - Where next for tower operators and where are the opportunities?
  • What are the optimal capital structures in wireless infra?
  • Equity vs. Debt - market analysis, pricing and current trends
  • Leverage levels - what's possible and how is this changing?
  • Capital Markets: valuations and sector outlook at large

View a snippet of the session below. To watch the full video on-demand, apply for access to TMT Connect for your free two-week trial.