Jose He
CBO & Co-Founder, Bountie

Speaker Profile

With more than 10 years of experience under his belt as a Senior Business Development Strategist & former executive chairman of Speaker & Trainer Association, Jose is a versatile leader who best excels in local startup of the entrepreneurial mindset, self-motivation, the art of selling, personal excellence, leadership organization, adversity & emotional intelligence management. Skilled at executing leadership training seminars, motivational workshops and personal development leadership programs. 

Jose is well known for his dynamic & energetic style of presentation, more than often leaving the upbeat and excited audience curious and engaged. In 2016, Jose chanced upon a short video clip. After watching it, he was inspired. He set his mind to step out of his comfort zone and jump right into the pet industry and joined the tech startup community as a petpreneur.

Having no experience at all in the booming industry, at the age of 35, most would think it was either a daring or foolish move. Jose stayed resilient and determined, refusing to quit or compromise. He was the Founder & CEO of Cuzzey, “Driving Pet Entrepreneurship Forward!” A social pets community that connects pet businesses/entrepreneurs with pet owners. 

In 2017, if fate would have it, Jose and friends got together after a gaming session. It was there that they decided to work cohesively to tackle the pain-point of day-to-day gamers and crafted out what would have been the initial blueprints of Bountie ~ An esports blockchain platform on a mission to empower everyday gamers to make a living. "Get Paid To Play" ~ Where gaming becomes a lifestyle.

Jose’s vision involves moving into a position that allows him to maximise his well-honed skills as a speaker, leader, organiser and entrepreneur to challenge himself to bring pilot Bountie to become a number one household brand among everyday gamers in Asia.

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