Hussain Elius
CEO & Co-Founder, Pathao

Speaker Profile

Hussain M Elius, Pathao’s CEO and co-founder, is a proud Bangladeshi-born and raised entrepreneur. Elius holds a Bachelor’s in HR and Marketing, as well as an MBA from North-South University in Dhaka. He is the Co-Founder of KaijuThemes, a UI/UX technology company, whose products are being used by 3,000+ organizations. Afterwards, he joined HackHouse, a start-up incubator, as a managing partner with Pathao CTO Shifat Adnan where they ran the organization and kick-started multiple products, including autorickshaw hailing, events and ticketing, and carpooling platforms. Together with the rest of the Pathao team, Elius has been able to scale Pathao up to a 600+ person company. Pathao is a technology platform built to develop tangible solutions to battle the Bangladesh’s biggest infrastructural challenges. With a local team of passionate changemakers, Pathao is redefining moving in the densest city of the world while simultaneously creating a new class of employment for thousands of people.

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