Special Reports


TMT M&A: Waqqas Ahmad, Investment Director at LDC (www.ldc.co.ukidentifies five subsectors driving the resurgence in the sector’s dealflow


Europe has set a number of targets for access and take-up of higher speed broadband. FTI Consulting’s Lau Nilausen discusses what targets have been set; the progress made so far; and what the outlook is for the future. 


India is considering opening up the e-commerce sector to foreign investment. Salman Waris, Partner, Seth Dua & Associates, discusses how the new policy may look, and what impact it will have on the sector. 


TMT M&A has seen a strong resurgence. Nick Jones, Partner at Cavendish Corporate Finance, discusses the key trends and why the rise in M&A in the sector is set to continue. 


A substantial increase in the rollout of new submarine cable systems in Sub-Saharan Africa has transformed the availability of bandwidth, and increased competition between cable operators, leading to a reduction in the price-per-megabit-per-second t


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