Graham Cooke
CEO, Qubit

Speaker Profile

Graham Cooke is the CEO and Founder of Qubit, the leading provider of ecommerce personalization technology. Qubit’s technology is used by the world’s most popular brands such as LVMH Group, Estee Lauder Group, Emirates and Ladbrokes Coral, enhancing the experience for almost 1 billion consumers every month.

A passionate technologist and entrepreneur, Graham’s interest in the web began at an early age. Prior to founding Qubit in 2010, he had a five-year stint at Google, working on products like Google Analytics and AdWords. Today Graham is focused on Qubit enabling companies to develop the most intelligent understanding of their online visitors. Once that deep understanding has been established, Qubit can then precisely match that visitor with the widest range of personalization experiences, and influence behavior at scale to significantly drive revenue growth.

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