TMT Finance World Congress 2018 expanded to 3 days to meet unprecedented demand for communications and media investment and M&A

TMT Finance World Congress 2018, the biggest global gathering of telecom, media and tech leaders, investment bankers, investors and advisers, has been expanded to 3 days to meet the surge in demand for investment in telecoms and media infrastructure and services, announced organisers TMT Finance.

The annual event, which is now in its 6th year, takes place in London from November 27-29 bringing together key global telecom, media, tech, finance and advisory leaders to assess the next wave of investment and partnership opportunities globally. 

The first speakers announced include leaders from BT, Liberty Global, Vodafone, Ofcom, TDC Group, European Commission, Etisalat, VEON, MTG, Citi, LionTree, Société Générale, ING, Linklaters, Wireless Infrastructure Group and Hyperoptic.

“We are really excited about this year’s event as we have never seen so much demand for communications infrastructure investment – especially fibre and 5G – across all regions globally. We have consequently launched a new event – Comms Finance World – focused solely on this area,” said Dominic Lowndes, Managing Director of TMT Finance. “The new event includes over 25 sessions on communications infrastructure and services investment opportunities and will feature the leading dealmakers and investors in all markets.”

TMT Finance World Congress 2018 features 3 events:

Comms Finance World 2018 – Telecom infrastructure and services investment and M&A

Media Leaders Summit 2018   Assessing the next global media investment strategies 

TMT M&A Awards 2018   Celebrating the best TMT Deals, Advisers and Bankers

Key session themes Comms Finance World include:

Communications Leadership Strategies

5G Investment Strategies

Investing in Comms Infrastructure

Fibre and Broadband M&A

Digital Transformation Strategies

Enterprise Cloud and Datacentre Investment

Financing Communications Infra

Telecom & Media Convergence 

Mobile Towers M&A

Digital Innovation for Telos and CSPs

Rural Broadband Investment

B2B Telecom and Tech Convergence

TMT Finance World Congress 2018 takes place at the Pullman St Pancras Hotel, London and features Comms Finance World 2018,  TMT M&A Awards 2018 and Media Leaders Summit 2018.

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