Olivier Laouchez

Speaker Profile

Olivier Laouchez is of French Caribbean descent (Martinique) and has more than 25 year experience in TV and music industry. After graduated from Paris Business School, he spent 2 years working in South East Asia and he launched the first free to air TV channel in Martinique in 1993.

In 1998, Laouchez was appointed CEO of Secteur Ä - leading independent Hip-Hop and R&B record label in France - where he designed an audio-visual project dedicated to the fans of urban music and culture.

In 2003, Laouchez get funding from Goldman Sachs to launch TRACE.

15 years later, TRACE is active in 180 countries with 80 million pay-TV subscribers, 22 localized TV channels, 30 FM and digital radios, several mobile services and digital platforms engaging with 200 million fans of urban music and culture.

TRACE is by far the leading music and youth media brand of Africa and the newly launched Trace Play digital platform combines SVOD + LIVE TV + LIVE Radio to be the one stop destination that links afro-urban fans and creators all over the world.

Based in South Africa with his wife and kids, Laouchez is a serial entrepreneur, a social activist with TRACE Foundation and an active speaker at multiple organizations and forums about brand and media building and promotion of equality of rights and opportunities for people of African descent.

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