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Executive Workshop: AI Investment

Join this private, structured Executive Workshop to Optimise your AI Investment strategy, and increase knowledge of the AI corporate landscape.

Few technologies have the transformative potential to reshape how we work, rest, play, or even vote. Electricity and the Internet fundamentally transformed life in the 20th century. Artificial intelligence (AI) will do this in the 21st century, changing how people perceive and interact with technology, with machines performing a wider range of tasks, in many cases doing a better job than humans.

AI, in its simplest definition, is an umbrella term for technologies that are inspired by biological systems, giving computers human-like abilities related to seeing, reasoning, hearing, and learning. AI encompasses technologies like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, machine reasoning, and strong AI.

Recent estimates report that AI is a burgeoning industry, generating over $5 B USD in revenue in 2015, with industry experts expecting this to grow 4X to $20 B USD by 2020. AI is both a horizontal and vertical play at both B2B and B2C levels, impacting industries from aerospace to telecommunications; from education to health and from finance to government.

In this workshop, Xona Partners, based on over three decades of heavy involvement in all aspects of AI, from research to product to investments, across 5 continents and multiple industry sectors, will focus on the following aspects of AI:

● Overview of the industry and the Top 10 AI market trends to watch in 2017 and beyond
● AI 101: a look under the covers at what is enabling AI from hardware to software
● AI Investor or entrepreneur: a how-to guide to valuation, investment and M&A in this new era

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The Workshop takes place on November 28 and is hosted by Xona Partners.