Riad Hartani
Founding Partner, Xona Partners

Speaker Profile

Dr. Riad Hartani has been involved in a string of technology startups in the Silicon Valley over the last 2 decades, from initial venture capital funding to product engineering to global market growth, working with major venture capital firms and leading to successful startup exits.  He co-founded Xona Partners, a global technology advisory firm and iValley.co, a startup co-creation studio. Prior, he held leadership positions in a string of Silicon Valley startups focused on building the backbone of the internet and cloud infrastructure, engineering many industry firsts.  Earlier, he held lead roles in various R&D centers primarily in Japan, Canada, the USA and France. He has been a founding member of various technology ventures, on the advisory board of various startups in over 15 countries, been on the judging committee of global investment and technology awards events over 20 times, published/presented over 200 research, industry and Internet standards papers, lectured at over 10 lead global universities and R&D labs, advised various government and regulators on technology matters, performed investment due diligence to some of the top 10 private equity firms and has been on the advisory boards of several startups accelerators around the globe. Riad holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. His Ph. D. thesis and post-doctoral research in the mid and late 90s, was one of the first attempts to blend numerical AI (neural networks) and symbolic AI (fuzzy logic), both on the theoretical and applications side. Over the years, he worked on various applications of machine learning applied to image recognition, internet routing, intelligent transportation, real time advertising, and large scale analytics in telecom and internet networks. His work has lead to various commercial applications over the years, with highly complex systems deployed throughout the world. He also advised leading technology and investment firms on their strategies and investments in the areas of AI, along with other areas intersecting with AI including the Internet of Things, Blockchains, Security and Web Scale Software design and that in a variety of industry verticals.

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