Ismail Hamdad
Founder & CEO, AdsumNET

Speaker Profile

Over the past 15 years Ismail Hamdad —a digital communications pioneer— has held senior global systems engineering and business development positions in flagship information and communication technology companies including: Siemens, Motorola, Nokia and Juniper Networks, as well as US startups. 

Ismail founded AdsumNET®, a technology company focused on wireless vehicle detection systems for the transportation industry. He co-founded ClickTruck® a platform that allows truck companies to advertise available space/itineraries and shippers to book them in a real-time fashion. Ismail has also founded STEMUL Innovation Labs, an education startup focused on enabling 21st Century skills for emerging countries youth.

Ismail holds an Engineering Degree in Computer Science, a Master of Sciences in Telecommunications and an MBA from the University of Manchester


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