Ghani Kolli
Founder & CEO, HumanYo+Impact

Speaker Profile

Having worked with 3,600 people during the past 15 years at its workshops, conferences and consulting assignments, Ghani knows how the quest for alignment of individuals with their organizations and organizations with their customers is important. His career of entrepreneur and intrapreneur shapes its contribution to innovative projects aimed at creating value to its customers. It is this anchor in the business he shares with passion as a strategic consultant and business coach. Co-create and innovate with clients, in collaboration with peers in a framework leaving room for creativity and excellence, is its main lever of development.

Ghani is certified Business Model Generation & Value proposal Design. He accompanied the entrepreneurs and business leaders to rethink their business model successfully. He founded precisely the HumanYo + Impact strategic design firm to create the human impact with innovative organization. Ghani is co-creator and contributor for two books: Business Models for Teams and The Real Startup Book.

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