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TMT Finance Monthly (TMT FM)  provides a comprehensive roundup of all our exclusive deal news, regional updates, people moves and deal mandate data.  

Make sure you haven’t missed any critical deals, or print off and review the best opportunities on your next long haul flight.

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Each issue includes:

  • Deal Talk –  a review of all the month’s exclusives and primary source off the
    record comment
  • Special Reports – detailed expert analysis on groundbreaking topics within the
    TMT sector
  • Regional News Roundup – a comprehensive roundup of all the key M&A, financing and investment news globally by region
  • People Moves – exclusive news and public announcements on senior executive moves in TMT, finance and advisory
  • Mandates Table – monthly update of the exclusive TMT Finance mandate table, tracking all deals, valuations and mandates by region
  • Events News –  speaker and programme updates for all TMT Finance global events

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