Amos Genish

Chief Convergence Officer, Vivendi

Amos Genish was appointed Chief Convergence Officer of Vivendi, the international integrated media and content group, in January 2017. In this role he oversees the Group’s convergence strategy between content, platforms and distribution.

Amos Genish was previously President and CEO of Telefonica Brasil, the largest and most profitable telecom operator in Brazil, where he was appointed in May 2015 following the integration of Vivo and GVT after the disposal to Telefonica of the latter by Vivendi.

Prior to that, Amos Genish was CEO of GVT, an innovative and fast-growing telecom and Pay TV operator. He co-founded GVT as an alternative regional telecom operator in 1999 and led its expansion in the following years. Before creating GVT, he was CEO of a technology company traded on Nasdaq.

Amos Genish holds a B.A. in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University.